Our History

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Our History


Long time ago, a river run through my properties. A river that grew dry in the summer, leaving sand everywhere on me.

Knowing my potential, they decided to make me even prettier, making it easier for the circulation to go through me. Since then, both people and machines walk over me unaware of my presence. Time can pass by me; however, I preserve my magnificence as if I was born yesterday.

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From my beginnings, I knew how to gather from different time periods. Since the XIII Century, San Ginés Church rises over me, and its walls walls have witnessed the passing of the years and the inclemency of the weather. As time went by, more and more people filled the streets around me, building their own guilds and giving birth to my siblings’ names.

However, this was just the beginning of my glory. When the royalty built their residence in the Capital, they decided to do it only a few steps away from my territory. Therefore, without a doubt they chose me as the main connection between the Royal Palace and Puerta del Sol. My domains started then to attract counts, dukes and bourgeois, all wanting to be in the neuralgic centre of the hussle & bustle of the city. All of them built their palaces and homes upon me, and all of them left their brand on me.

Time goes by to everyone and my domain is not an exception. I have seen architectural masterpieces go up, collapsed and again rebuilt replacing one another. As the phoenix reborns from its ashes, my foundation has supported, supports and will support all the comes and goes of history. What surprises me the most about this human race is its perseverance. They create, destroy and then rebuild again, sometimes failing but always rising stronger when falling.

In 1871, the Eslava Theatre was founded. This theatre has held beautiful masterpieces, and has been enjoyed by those addicted to the culture of the era. Not being less than any of them, I was there to see each and every piece; I cried, I laughed and swung with very different emotions. 1981 was the year of the reopening of the Theatre, but this time as a club. Oh, we all like to dance and since it was inaugurated, the youngest folk goes there during Madrid’s nights.

Few like me have the honor to host of one of the most known and beloved characters of the country. El Ratón Pérez, (Pérez the mouse), who lives since 1894 in Arenal 8. Today you can visit his house museum. Since the XIX century, kids from all around Spain have enjoyed the adventures of this centenary character.

Oh! But if you want to see a frozen fragment of history you must visit San Ginés´ Bookstore. A shard of history glued to the side of the Church. Moving on in our travel through time, through this passageway we can reach one of the ancient chocolate stores of the country. Being so chocoholic, I like to visit this place mostly during the cold nights of Madrid´s winter.

My territory has always belonged to the hospitality industry. One of my favourite places in these past decades was Arenal street 15, where Antiguo Café de Levante stands. This café, known for its social gatherings, was one of Pío Baroja’s favourite places to write and spend time in.

Nowadays, Hotel Francisco I rises magnificent on my domains. Family-owned, this hotel has but a few rooms, that are full of little handcrafted details that are personalised for each guest. I like to observe the comes and goes of its guests, I like to imagine their stories because they make my story.

I am you, your story is now engraved on me, because you have passed through my domains. You have chosen me to write part of your story on me.


Welcome to Francisco I Hotel, welcome to your story.

Now we are linked for life.

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